About Salman

I Salman Pirzada, was born in Karachi, on September 6th, sign Virgo. My parents migrated from Indian Kashmir. I graduated from Sindh University, Hyderabad. Music and sports have always been the two strong passions of my life My keen interest in Cricket & Hockey led me to great heights in sports. I played cricket at the National level as a fast bowler against several countries. I feel honored that I got a chance to play with many great Indian/Pakistani players. I enjoyed the life of a sportsman till I faced the tragic accident of my life, which confined me to a wheelchair from then onward..

My family decided to move to the USA for my treatment. I am now settled in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately my injury couldn’t be healed, but by Gods grace I found a new passion in music, and started to move around very independently. I drive my own car. Gradually, I started performing in private and public shows all over the USA..

In Houston, I had the great honor of performing on stage with the legendary Melody Queen Madam Asha Bhosle. .

I have also performed with Punjabi Bhangra King Daler Mehndi in London at a fundraising show for the cancer hospital in Pakistan founded by Imran Khan. .

I have started the ‘Back on Track’ foundation for the poor and needy people in Pakistan, which donates free wheelchairs and medical supplies to them. .

I love adventure even if it is beyond my reach. I recently went Skydiving (para-jump) from 15000 ft and became the first Pakistani Asian sky diver on wheelchair. I am also learning flying, and have flown 10 hours in a Cessna 172 Aircraft. .

Now, I am struggling to concentrate on my singing. So far I have recorded 10 Audio songs & 5 videos which are out in the market under the Heera music label. .

I have never got disheartened or discouraged and faced all the challenges life brought to me. I still believe that there are a lot more avenues to discover and I am ready for them. I just need the prayers and sincere wishes of my fans. .

I Hope you enjoyed your visit to my site. Please feel free to browse more. THANK YOU ALL .